Toh Garden

Toh Garden is a well established orchid grower in Singapore. The over 20 years old nursery operation, specializes in growing tropical and subtropical orchids, predominantly Dendrobiums, Vandaceous orchids, Oncidiums and Phalaenopsis.

Other Toh Garden activities include:

The reliable supply of fresh orchid flowers to the local market. The flowers are harvested almost daily.

The export of cut flowers. Toh Garden has fully equipped cold storage and packaging facilities. Experienced personnel, carefully select orchids that comply with Toh Garden's high export standards. The selected flowers are treated, air dried, packaged and ready for export. Phytosanitary certification included.

Landscaping. Toh Garden has also considerable experience in orchid landscaping and is involved in planning and maintaining orchid landscapes for clubs, Hotels, private organizations, schools, parks, etc., The service offered includes advise in the selection of orchids to use, preparation of display areas, pest management and orchid maintenance program. Toh Garden maintains "The National Orchid Garden", a major tourist attraction of Singapore.

Finally, Toh Garden produces quality hybrids that are available for organizations to name, for example: Dendrobium Shangri-La, named after the Shangri-La Hotels.