Mineral/Horticultural Oils

Pesticides containing mineral or horticultural oil as the active ingredient are used as insecticides and acaricides. Oils can be used to control various pests, including: scales, aphids and mites. Oil act on pests in a variety of ways:

1. By blocking their respiratory systems (suffocating the pests).

2. By destroying the waxy coating on their bodies

3. By interfering with their feeding

4. By discouraging them from laying eggs. It can also smother eggs laid on plants.

The product must be mixed with water and sprayed on. The mixture tends to separate and should be shaken well before and during treatment. 

Thoroughly spray all parts of plants to be treated.

Ideally, the product should be sprayed on in the morning, to allow time for it to dry. It should not be applied during very humid weather, to plants suffering from drought or during very hot weather (above 24°C). 

Because orchids are sensitive plants (and valuable), horticultural oils like Canola oil should be used. Horticultural oils are lighter and do not harm orchids or the environment. Eco-Oil is one of those oils used by orchid growers.