Peanut shells

Peanut shells were very popular 100 years ago but today are rarely used simply because other media are easier to obtain or in vogue. That does not mean of course that there are not users today.

There are numerous advantages in using peanut shells.

To start, very few orchid growers are aware that peanuts are legumes and therefore peanut shells are rich in Nitrogen. Peanut shells also retain moisture, decay slowly and improve air and water circulation.

Cymbidiums love peanut shells and I am sure if you check with your local Cymbidium orchids club you will find a few users. Cymbidium canaliculatum loves a potting mix with peanut shells.

The only thing I cannot figure out is if the peanut shells must be boiled in water before use. It is possible that when dealing with fresh shells, boiling is necessary. Older, dried ones can be used as is. I know the grinding part, the shells must be grinded to the right size before use.

I used peanut shells some 20 years ago. I did not have any success, but that is because of lack of experience.