Sandy loam

“Sandy Loam” is the perfect media for terrestrial orchids and should be the dominant component of your terrestrial potting mix.

As the name suggest, Sandy Loam combines two important media, Sand and Loam. (When rubbing “sandy loam” between your fingernails, you must easily fill the quartz scratching your finger nails; otherwise it is not a good “Sandy Loam”).

Loam is a name used to describe a soil composed of silt, sand and clay at an approximate ratio 2:2:1.

Loam soils are good for gardening because they contain nutrients as well as humus. Loam retains water and does not prevent water flow.

Clay rich soils prevent water from flowing and plants get easily water logged. Sandy soils let the water flow through. That creates problems with fertilizing because the water washes away the nutrients.

Sandy loam soils have a higher sand content the normal loam soils. Also hold moisture, offer a better water drainage and air circulation, retain nutrients, are easy to work with and with some organic matter added it is an ideal soil for growing Terrestrial orchids,

Adding some 10% of fine chopped "leaf mulch" and a couple or earth worms, should improve the soil quality.