Sea Weed

Seaweeds (marine algae) are simple organisms that fall into the category of "plants". Most belong to three unrelated groups, the green algae, the brown algae and the red algae.

The use of Seaweed in horticulture has changed from using a simple dry product harvested by hand, to manufactured small dried flakes, to seaweed powder and to seaweed extracts.

Normally dry seaweed or seaweed flakes in small amounts are mixed in the potting mix. Seaweed supplies all trace elements required by the orchids. Calcified seaweed raises soil pH and adds Calcium. Seaweed meal helps to increase humus levels in the soil.

The benefits of seaweed are too numerous to mention here.

Now that seaweed extract is readily available and easy to use, seaweed and seaweed flakes are difficult to find.