Family. A low-level taxonomic rank (6th rank out of 8).

Family is a natural unit that combines characteristics that occur in all members of the group. When it comes to "orchids", the family is called "Orchidaceae". All orchids known to man are part of this family. It is a rank above "genera". A family can contains one or more genera.

Family is divided in "Subfamilies". When it comes to orchids, a "Subfamily" is called "Orchidioideae".

Subfamilies are further divided into groups called "Tribes" and "Tribes" are divided into groups called "Sub tribes".

How to recognize a Family name, from a Subfamily name, from a Tribe name, from a Sub tribe name.

Family names end in -aceae.

Subfamily names end in -oideae.

Tribe names end in -eae.

Sub tribe names end in -inae.