Very few people, if any, do not know what a "leaf" is. However, very few people know how to describe leaves. "Experts" love using colorful words nobody understands.

The most commonly used "words" are: (The words I like, use and understand in bold)

1. A "leaf" is divided into three parts; The Blade, the Midrib and the Petiole.

2. A "leaf" has a "shape": It can be "Elliptic", "Lanceolate", "Oblanceolate", "Linear", "Lorate", "Ligulate", "Ensiform", "Ovate", "Ob ovate", "Cordate", "Triangular", "Oblong", "Falcate" or "Lingulate".

3. A "leaf" has also a "tip". It can be "Acuminate", "Acute", "Obtuse", "Retuse", "Emarginate", "Erose", "Mucronate" or "Apiculate".

4. The "cross section" of "Leaf" can be. "Terete", "Semiterete", "Semiterete grooved", "Thin", "Thick" or "Keeled".

5 Leaves have also patterns, such as. "Pleated", "Tessellated", "Irregular", "Banded", "Blotched", "Spotted", "Mottled", "Undulate", "Veined", "Denticulate", "Netted" and "Tubercular".