Aerides (Cat's-tail Orchid; Fox Brush Orchid) is a genus of orchids found in the tropical lowlands of Asia, from India to China to The Philippines and New Guinea.

There are about 25 species in this genus all but one epiphytes, (Aerides krabiense is a lithophyte).

The plants have leathery leaves, large root systems and require consistent temperature and humidity conditions otherwise they have a tendency to drop the lower leaves. Morphologically, they are very similar to the Vandas, grow almost under the same conditions and their care is almost the same.

Aerides species grow best in hanging baskets or containers with holes and space for the roots to be free and to extend into the air. They do not tolerate disturbance or damage of their roots system and require humidity and free air movement.

Springtime is flowering time. A good spot with plenty of light will induce profuse flowering. They pendulous racemes have numerous long lasting, colorful, waxy blooms that are fragrant. Purple and pink colored flowers with some white dominate, other colors are rare.

Temperature requirements vary from cool to warm growing depending on the species.