Arundina is a small, tropical genus of about 8 species, native to India, Nepal, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, South China, Indonesia and the Pacific Islands (excluding the Philippines). They are also known as the “Bamboo orchids”, because of their resemblance to “Bamboo”.

All species are terrestrial and multi-perennial, and grow together forming large clusters. In Sarawak, Borneo, thousands of plants in flower can be observed along side some country roads.

Under ideal conditions the “canes” can reach a height up to 2 meters.

The leaves are lanceolate and up to 20cm long.

Flowering occurs in summer and autumn on terminal racemes. The purple and white blooms are large but short lived; however, because the buds open in succession, and there are so many of them, there are always freshly opened flowers around.

Arundina graminifolia is the most popular species. Plants grow in intermediate to warm temperatures under shade. When potting, make sure the pseudo-bulbs are not buried into the potting media. The potting mix must contain some proper good quality, garden soil (sandy loam + mulch, etc).


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