Cadetia is a genus of orchids that consisting of about 65 species found in Southeast Asia, New Guinea, India and Australia (4 species are found in Australia).

The miniature size plants grow on trees or rocks in tropical rainforests, mostly in sheltered places.

Pseudo-bulbs are absent and the roots are hair thin, branched and arise from the basal nodes.

The leaves are small, oblong, solitary and appear from the apex of a stem. The plants grow during the spring and summer months and are almost dormant the rest of the year.

The tiny solitary blooms, appear from the spring through autumn at the base of the leaf and last for up to 5 days. Most Cadetia flowers are self-pollinations but insect pollinated species are also known.

Cadetias are mostly propagated from seed, rarely from aerial growths.

I purchased a flask with about 60 plants in it. I lost almost 80% of the plants simply because I did not know that they require watering all year round and must be kept moist, I should have guessed it because of the hairy roots.

My few plants are potted in normal bark mix with some perlite and biochar. Some suggest that Cadetias can be mounted on tree fern.

It is always wise to read as much as you can and improve your knowledge, before you buy any plants.