Dipodium is a genus of over 30 species of orchids found in Australasia, China and Malaysia.

These terrestrials orchids can be leafless saprophytes or leafy autotrophic plants. Allegedly, autotrophic species can continued to grow on trees (climb on trees) and became epiphytes.

The leafless species are very difficult to grow “in captivity” and are found in well-drained soils, in eucalyptus forests.

Leafy species can be grown at home using a terrestrial potting mix, as any other terrestrial orchid.

The leaves are long, narrow and grow in pairs.

The inflorescence is long, upright (up to 100cm), un-branched and carries up to 20 or more, medium sized, colorful and often spotted blooms that are pollinated by native bees. Most species flower in spring and summer.

The plants are grown from seed, although in nature, climbing species can propagate themselves from broken branches.

It is always wise to read as much as you can and improve your knowledge, before you buy any plants.