Encyclia, representing some 250 species, is one of the largest Orchid Genera. The mostly epiphytes and lithophytes species are found in Central America and West Indies.

Species of this genus were originally included in Epidendrum but were separated from it in 1828. In the late 1990’s, Encyclia species themselves were fragmented with the creation of three new genera, Euchile, Prosthechea and Dinema based on morphological studies.

Most of the species are found in seasonally dry forests with high humidity all year around, The mostly thick and round pseudo bulbs have two to three stiff leaves emerging from the top.

The flowers arise from an apical inflorescence, emerging from the top of the pseudo bulb. The numerous flowers are long lasting, fragrant and arranged along the lengthy inflorescence. Encyclias must have good, bright light throughout the year to flower well. The birds and the bees do the cross-pollination.

Encyclia orchids require somewhat similar care to Cattleyas and Epidendrums. Bright light, over 50% humidity, intermediate temperatures (20 -25C) during the day, >10C at night), similar potting mix; however, encyclias grow faster and must be divided every few years.