Grammatophyllum is a small genus of about 12 epiphytes native to South East Asia, Indonesia and the Philippines.

These medium to large size, predominantly epiphytes, are divided into two groups based on the way they grow.

Group A: Large cane-like growing stems. Example: Grammatophyllum pantherinum; Grammatophyllum speciosum;

Group B: Short, thick and compact pseudobulbs with a few leaves forming from the apex. Example: Grammatophyllum elegans;

The flowers to both groups are similar, relative large and extremely showy. The predominant colors are, apple green, brown, and yellow. The size of the plants and the size and number of the flowers make this orchid very popular.

These plants are very large and need lots of space. The fact that the plants can double in size every year must be taken into consideration; however, if you have sthe pace and the right climatic conditions, like in Singapore for example, Grammatophyllums are worth having. Grow best in hanging basket, dead trees, less good in pots.

Grammatophyllum is related to Cymbidium. There are numerous intergeneric crosses.

It is always wise to read as much as you can and improve your knowledge, before you buy any plants.