Lockhartia is a genus of about 30 species found in Mexico, Northern Latin America and Trinidad and Tobago.

Allegedly, Lockhartia species are easy to grow.

Ideally, they require intermediate to warm temperatures; however, they tolerate cool to intermediate conditions.

Most species look very much alike and many claim that it is difficult to separate the species from another without seeing the flowers.

The stems are slender and grow upright up to 60cm.

The inflorescence is short, the blooms are relative small and borne near the top of the stem and open simultaneously. It blooms all year around.

During the winter the plants rest and require less water.

Some suggest letting the potting mix dry between watering.

Being related to Oncidium, I think it should be treated the same way.

It is always wise to read as much as you can and improve your knowledge, before you buy any plants.