Neobenthamia is a single Species genus (Neobenthamia gracilis), from East Africa, endemic to Tanzania.

It is a ground orchid and grows well among leaf litter and other mulch and is related to Polystachia.

Neobenthamia gracilis can be very tall, 2 meters or more, with large leaves. Born at the top of the erect terminal inflorescence are numerous very impressive fragrant, medium size flowers, that form a round ball shaped cluster (like a pom-pom). Allegedly, the flowers are long lasting. It can flower anytime of the year.

Each plant produces numerous "keikis" and it can be easily propagated. It is a plant worth having, if you can get it.

The plants require intermediate to warm and humid areas, and do well in full sun. Allegedly, they grow well mounted (I can not imagine that taking into account the size of the plants). Water and fertilize requirements: Like any other orchid plant in summer, less in winter.


It is always wise to read as much as you can and improve your knowledge, before you buy any plants.