Notylia (Ntl) is a genus of orchids found in Central and South America. It consists of more than 60 species at least 57 of those are accepted species names.

All species are epiphytes and grow in low rainforests.

The pseudo bulbs are small and have one flat leaf.

The inflorescence is at least 30cm long, pendulous, has numerous flowers and is produced from the base of the pseudo bulbs (see Gallery for photo).

Unfortunately, the flowers are not very lasting; however, it flowers easily and normally has numerous spikes.

Notylia plants grow best on slabs and need warmth and humidity.

The most common species in cultivation is Notylia barkeri. Notylia barkeri has very small pseudo bulbs (up to 3cm long) and small flowers (less than 1.5cm in size).

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