Psychopsis (Psychp) or "Butterfly Orchid" is a genus of only 4 species of orchids found predominantly in the parts of Central America and South America.

Psychopsis used to be part of Oncidium but now it has it’s own genus; however, it is a member of the “Oncidium Alliance”.

Normally, Psychopsis plants grow as epiphytes in humid to wet conditions on tree branches and shrubs. The pseudo-bulbs have a single inter node and one leaf.

The flower spikes arise from the axils. The flowers look very much like a large butterfly with a bright-colored body, long antennae-like petals, etc. The flower buds open in succession for many months, making the stem a little longer every time. Allegedly, the stems can grow up to 150 cm tall or more and are very strong.

They are very hardy plants and can tolerate dry as well as wet conditions and excessive watering.

At home they prefer to grow in baskets and slabs; however, they can be grown in pots. Some orchid growers use hydro pellets (burned Clay Pellets) and/or perlite (Lava Rock) as a potting mix.

They do not like is stale water and acidity.