Sobennikoffia is a small genus of four species that grow in areas of Madagascar and is related to angraecum.

Two species are very commonly cultivated: Sbk. humbertiana and Sbk. robusta. Both have similar white flowers.

The medium-size plants can grow up to 30cm tall, are easy to grow and bloom reliably with numerous flowers, often on several spikes. The small white blooms “cascade” and have a very interesting fragrance in the evening.

The plants prefer to be mounted on cork or hardwood and enjoy plenty of light, average humidity and warm temperatures (22 - 30oC).

Taking into account that in the wild, Sobennikoffia species grow as lithophytes on rocks, as epiphytes on low shrubs, or as terrestrial, any choice of cultivation (hanging basket, pot, etc,) maybe worth trying.



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