Telipogon (Tp.) is a genus that consists of around 150 species. All the species are found in high mountains of Central America (Venezuela, Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, Costa Rica, etc).

The pseudo-bulbs are either too small or non-existent and the plants are very small in size, with short stems (around 5 cm tall?) and grow mostly as twig epiphytes.

The inflorescence arises from the axils of the leaves and the flowers of many species are as big as the whole plant. Often there are more then one inflorescence, and an inflorescence can cary from a single to six blooms. The flowers are 3-6 cm wide. Flowering occurs predominantly during spring and early summer.

Although the plants are allegedly difficult to grow in cultivation, many orchid growers grow the successfully, and plants of many species are available in orchid nurseries. The plants are cold growing although some tolerate intermediate temperatures and require shade.

The main requirements are: Good air circulation to prevent fungal or bacterial diseases, watering regularly during the growth season, less during the winter and constant misting in summer.

The plants are usually loosely mounted on slabs or twigs but can grow in pots in sphagnum moss. Expect the plants to die back after blooming and rest.