Carbamate  HOC(O)NH2.  Carbamate insecticides are derivatives of carbamic acid. Relatively unstable compounds that break down within weeks. Carbamates are used as surface sprays. Some carbamates, due to their high water solubility, have systemic use in plants.

Carbaryl is one of the best known carbamate. Broad spectrum insecticide, with low toxicity.

Mancozeb is a well known pesticide of the same family. (Subfamily dithiocarbamate).

Propamocarb Hydrochloride is a systemic fungicide from the Carbamate family with specific activity against rot, stem rot, foliar diseases, botrytis, etc.  It is sold uner different names such as: Previcur, Banol, Prevex, Proplant, Dynone, etc.