Copper Compounds

Copper(I) oxide (Cu2O). or "cuprous oxide". Extensively used as a fungicide.

Copper(II) hydroxide (Cu(OH)2). Used as fungicide and nematicide and is a good alternative to the Bordeaux mixture. (Kocide 3000).

Copper(II) sulfate (CuSO4). or "cupric sulfate". When finely ground, it dissolves itself quickly in warm water. When mixed with lime it produces the so called "Bordeaux mixture" which has been used for ages as a fungicide . Copper sulfate can inhibit the growth of some bacteria.

Copper Oxychloride.  It is by far the most important fungicide and it is used to control a wide range of fungal diseases like: Leaf curl, Black spot, Roots rot, Bacterial blight, Mildew, etc.

Copper Chloride Trihydroxide (Cu2(OH)3Cl). Has been used as a fungicide

Cover the roots before spraying. Orchids roots shouldn't be exposed to copper containing sprays.