Leaf Curl

Leaf curl is a disease caused either by a fungus (Taphrina) or by a virus (Begomovirus) clearly visible due to the curling of the leaves.

Leaf Curl on orchids is different to other plants, like citrus or stone fruit. As the new orchid leaves develop, they appear to be distorted, twisted and sometimes thicker. However, orchid leaves never look as bad or change color as those of a stone or citrus fruit tree, and the colours of the leaves do not usually change.

It is possible that what orchid growers call "leaf curl" is caused by a different fungus or virus (must be fungus because it can be treated) or even nutrient deficiency. Spraying with copper based fungicides helps to control " leaf curl" on orchids. Noticed on cattleyas and pleurothalis families, rarely on dendrobiums.

Restrepia wagernii showing "Leaf curl"????


Dr. George Tsambourakis

Updated: 25 Jan 2012