Ringspot Virus:

There are three Orchid affecting Viruses that use the word Ringspot as part of the name: Odontoglossum Ringspot Virus (ORSV): Cymbidium Ringspot Virus (CyRSV): and Tomato Ringspot Virus (TomRSV): All three are very commonly found in orchids and not only in Oncidium and Cymbidium alliance species and hybrids but also in Phalaenopsis and Cattleya.

The symptoms are very distinct. The virus forms circular pattern on the orchid leaves that are normally yellow. As the tissue dies it turns to dark brown/black.

Experts say: "Throw the plant away". The fact is: The infection is very slow, in fact extremely slow if the plants are well looked after.

You can get rid of the infection. YES, the infection can be gradually contained by simply removing the infected leaves by making a clean cut at the base of the leaves and spray the plant with a good systemic fungicide. Keep doing that until the young leaves show no virus signs.

Viruses multiply and mutate very fast but the disease is spreading slowly. As the old leaves are removed, newer leaves produced by the plant are more and more resistant to the virus and as the plant grows the presence of the virus will gradually decrease or disappear.

Viruses can lay dormant and may surface again.